Lascelles House

This extensive home renovation included the complete demolition of the main floor, second floor and third floor to the original framing. We built a new dormer addition on the third floor, installed 24 LVL beams to ensure the house was structurally solid, installed new complete framing on the second and third floors and re-drywalled and taped the entire house. We moved the stair opening location from the second to the third floor, and installed custom black steel stairs from main to second floor and second to third floor.


Chaplin Estates, Toronto

Project Duration:

September 2019/ Ongoing



This project also included

Plumbing and electrical throughout
Forced air throughout the house with AC and radiant heating
New spray foam insulation on the main and second floors
Hardwood flooring throughout
Tile in three bathrooms
Trim, casing, doors and door handles
Kitchen cabinets and new built-in cupboards on the main and second floors.

Progress images
Final images