Macdonald House

This complete remodel included the demolition of the main floor, second floor and basement of the house, down to the original framing. The basement was lowered 18 inches, underpinned, waterproofed and insulated, and finished with the installation of new vinyl flooring. We installed new electrical, plumbing and forced air/AC throughout the house, as well as new spray foam insulation on the main and second floors. We installed two steel beams to open the kitchen and dining room openings, as well as new kitchen cabinets and built-in cupboards on the main and second floors. The house was completely re-drywalled and taped, with new hardwood flooring installed throughout, along with new tile in the both showers, new trim, casing, doors and door handles, and finally, new paint on all three floors.


Mimico, Toronto

Project Duration:

May 2019/ October 2019


Lizahn Hamman


Progress images
Final images